What a day it was in Warsaw! What a march it was!

On October 1, 2023, things happened in Warsaw that will go down in history. In two weeks, Poland will hold parliamentary elections. The main opposition political party – Civic Platform, whose leader is former President of the European Parliament Donald Tusk, organized the „Million Hearts March.” This was the second march of opposition supporters, with the first one held on June fourth and gathering some 500,000 people. This time more than a million people marched through the center of Warsaw.

No other rally or march in Poland has gathered such crowds. People from all over the country came to Warsaw.

The march began at 12:00 pm and was preceded by speeches by opposition party leaders. The march route led for more than 4 kilometers. The event ended with a concert and speeches. The people were so numerous that when the first participants reached the end of the route, many of the participants had not even started walking. The entire route of the march was filled with people. The crowd also took over the side streets.

crowds on milion hearts march in Warsaw

We encourage you to watch the coverage of the event. First, a timelapse from a location near the beginning of the march route:

Video from bigxmac https://www.youtube.com/@bigxmac

The march from a bird’s eye view:

Video from: Poland On Air https://www.youtube.com/@POLANDONAIR

Timelapse from a place halfway along the march route:

Video from: droneinwarsaw.com

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